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Orlando is a freelance Director of Photography and 1st/2nd Assistant Camera based in London. 

Having grown up around cameras as a child, Orlando studied a degree in Cinema and Photography at the University of Leeds and has been working freelance in the music video and short film side of things ever since. Starting out as a young camera trainee, Orlando has spent the last half decade working across the various roles within the camera team, honing his skills. He strives to maintain a well-oiled camera department for the cinematographers and directors he works under, allowing them to focus on the images or direction at hand, sans technical issues.


In his own work as a DOP, Orlando finds pleasure in the idea of being part of the cinematic tradition, building on the work of

those who came before him and employing his academic grounding in film theory and history to discern where his films fit in contextually. Taking in the bits that he finds compelling from films, books, television, art and the everyday, he likes to see his work as a rough amalgamation of these influences, filtered through himself. Watching a feature most evenings of the week, he would consider himself well versed in film, both historic and contemporary - he is particularly proud of his film collection, now sitting at around 650 titles.


FRIEND, Knucklehead, Somesuch, Try Hard, Partizan, Caviar, Mission Media,
Dazed and Confused, NTS, Bad, HVH Films, ELO Films, Nuuksio Films, Bristol Film Co,
Universal Music, Hoxton Hotels, Mahogany, Crack Magazine, Teng Teng Films,,

United Nations Development Programme, Communion Group, Universal Pictures, Video Europe, 

twentyfourseven films, Pretty Green, Nine Lives Media, The Wagon, Bear Jam, Through The I, 

Caravan Media, Pavegen, Skylark, Hangar 7, Barnardos Childrens Charity... // +44 (0) 7885722218



He also take stills for fun.

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